8th Texas  Cavalry Equipment 


Get the uniform first!


A Columbus depot style shell jacket with or without black trim on the collar and/or cuffs either in gray, or butternut, wool or Jean wool. Try to avoid shell jackets with yellow trim, since it was mainly used in the Eastern Confederate Army.

Any period correct hat is acceptable. If you prefer to wear a kepi make sure it is gray wool without the yellow trim. You should buy a black slouch hat for sometimes we need to "change sides" and help even out the battlefield.



Milk Creek sutler sells a Texas butternut wool shell jacket at a great price with the black trim. You can order it with the "C" only or Wooden buttons (wooden buttons are best preferred), the CSA buttons were mainly used in the Eastern Confederate Army. When ordering ask for 5 or 6 buttons down the front as per the original. They also sell a great Jean wool shell jacket; once again make sure you order it with 5 or 6 buttons only. Try not to buy with the Texas buttons for they were rare and not everyone had them.

There are also Battle shirts available, which are shirts with ribbon around the sleeves and around the pockets.



The standard wool, sky blue trousers. To guard against saddle wear the trousers were reinforced with wool on the seat and legs.  This way if we have to do the Union impression you don't need to buy another pair, for both the North and South wore these trousers.


Since the Texas cavalrymen brought their own clothing, Westerns Emporium sells great riding trousers.


Though boots were considered a standard cavalry issue. It wasn't uncommon for troopers to improvise with a pair of brogans, especially if their boots wore out.


Shirts and Underclothing

Any period correct shirt is acceptable.


**Need to buy a gray or red bib or fireman’s shirt which is used for training and trail rides**


Braces (suspenders.) the Texas Rangers didn't use these; instead they wore a leather belt.

Socks were usually made of cotton or even wool and either issued or homespun.

    *Remember we are not trying to be some Hollywood Confederate cavalry; we are going for the proper look and style, the more mix uniform and more civilian clothing the better.  75% of the uniform was civilian clothing. So check with someone in the unit before buying to avoid looking FARBY.


Basic Leather and Additional Equipment

Saber belt

The saber belt with the rectangle eagle buckle is the main component of a trooper's leather issue. Common items worn on the saber belt include cap pouch, cartridge box, holster, and of course the saber.

Carbine sling

The carbine sling is worn "bandoleer" style, across the trooper's chest with snap hook on the right. It is then attached to one of various carbines by the snap link.

Other Equipment Items

A canteen with wool cover

Tin cup

Black tar or white haversack

Tin plate with Knife, fork, spoon

Poncho or gum blanket

Wool blanket, Gray 

Greatcoat, gray or jean wool mounted pattern

Gloves or gauntlets

Shelter (dog) tent (you'll need two halves to make a complete shelter) or wedge (A-frame) tent



From our research, there were over thirty different carbines issued or brought from home the Cavalry used throughout the war. We have been able to document several types to the 8th Texas Cavalry. Some of the long arms include the Mississippi rifle, the Merrill, Sharps, Werner, Smith and Spencer carbines.

For reenacting, any safe, serviceable and period correct carbine is acceptable and though the most commonly used carbine is the Sharps, Smith, and Spencer carbines.

A muzzle-loading carbine such as the Enfield musketoon is also acceptable.


No more than three revolvers are to be carried in open view (one on the hip and two in the pommel holsters). Revolvers are to be steel-framed or Brass, period correct and safe. Examples include the 1851 and 1860 Colt Navy, the 1860 Colt Army, and the 1858 Remington New Army.



Sabers were the most exclusive and recognized cavalry weapon. Avoid the ones with the nut on the end of the handle for they don't last long and break.


Horse tack



Saddle, Enlisted McClellan or Ranger

Saddle bags (Black)                                                                         

2 Blankets (one to cover the western saddle horn if you are using a western saddle and one to be used as a bedroll on the rear of the cantle)

Cavalry bit (use the one you are using now)

Black bridle, without CS Rosettes (CS rosettes are used only for local Parades)

Black reins that need to be sewn onto the bit

Black leather halter with lead

Black Link strap

No brass heart breast collar (you can use the leather heart or a civilian style in black. Only officers and NCOs can use the Brass heart)

 Curry comb, brush, hoof pick

Saddle blanket (Blue with orange strip or Gray)

Picket pin and 30 ft of hemp rope

Feed bag with leather bottom



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