"We serve our ancestors by being the best cavalry on the field, regardless of the uniform." 


Since we portray the 8th Texas Cavalry, we almost always camp and fight as Confederates. We proudly fly the Texas and Confederate flags and portray soldiers who were trying to defend their Texas homeland from the invasion of Yankees. However, like most of our reenacting friends, we own both Confederate and Yankee outfits. For the sake of ensuring a successful reenactment event, we are happy to "galvanize" by dressing in blue and portraying our Union brothers when needed. It makes no difference to us. Our purpose is not to promote one over the other, but to honor all soldiers past and present who have bravely defended their homes, families, and freedoms.


The only item you will need is a dark blue sack coat with four buttons.

A blue bummer cap, or a black slouch hat.

The rest of your Confederate gear will work as long as it is black leather.



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