We are a group that strive to relive the lives of the soldiers of the American Civil War. 

We portray the 8th Texas Cavalry CSA ( also known as Terry's Texas Rangers).

  There is a line from a Civil War song that says, “If you want to have fun…Jine the Cavalry.”

There is a good reason for that line. Reenacting with the 8th Texas Cavalry is about as much fun as you can have. As a member of the 8th Texas Cavalry everyone in your family can enjoy reliving the War Between the States by participating in period-correct camping, cooking, dancing, horse-riding, battle reenactments, drills and living history demonstrations. Our family-friendly group honors patriotism, the study of history, safety, and we have the time of our lives doing it.


When you get into reenacting, you’ll want to join up with a group or “Regiment” that fits your personality and interests. In some Regiments all the members ride horses. In other Regiments all the members “fight on foot” or work only as a canon crew. Some groups are strictly military in nature and are not suited for women or children.

 One thing that is special about the 8th Texas Cavalry Regiment is that we are open to women and children and we stay together. When it comes time for the battle you’ll find the 8th Texas riding hard as the mounted Cavalry for we are a mounted only unit and owning horses is our main reason on being together.

Our ladies may be found fighting as male or female soldiers, working in camp as cooks, or strolling about in hoop skirts as beautiful Southern Belles. In short, the 8th Texas Cavalry provides the opportunity to learn about and enjoy all parts of the reenacting hobby.


So, if this all sounds attractive to you keep reading our website, then please email me and come see us at our next training or event. Perhaps you’ll be the newest member of the 8th Texas Cavalry.




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